Leschenault Biosecurity Group

Pest Control Methods

Under the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007 (BAM Act), it is the landholder’s obligation to manage declared pests on their property.

Managing pests not only helps to reduce impacts on your property, but it will help to reduce impacts on neighbouring properties and the surrounding environment as well. Pests don’t stop at fences.

Management of pests can be:

  1. Mechanical/Physical e.g. hand-pulling or slashing plants; trapping or shooting pest animals; destruction of warrens

  2. Chemical e.g. herbicide treatment of plants; poisoning/baiting of animals

  3. Behavioural e.g. adaptions to land use practices which may reduce pest establishment, reproduction, dispersal and survival

Contact the LBG for assistance in selecting an appropriate control method. There are also some helpful links under the Links tab.

A useful link for management of declared plants: Declared Plant Management South West Region.