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Leschenault Biosecurity Group

Who We Are

Leschenault Biosecurity Group

The Leschenault Biosecurity Group (LBG) is made up of volunteer members representing the shires of Dardanup, Donnybrook, Capel and Bunbury.

The group has formed out of community concern for declared pests, primarily narrow-leaf cottonbush (Gomphocarpus fruticosus) which is increasingly becoming a major impediment to the livelihood of producers and landholders.

The Leschenault Biosecurity Group takes a positive and proactive approach to facilitating declared pest management and is focused on increasing community awareness on declared pests and their management; and on achieving on-ground outcomes to compliment the great work the majority of individual landholders are already doing.

As a representation of community, the group relies on membership to determine it’s priorities and goals in pest management. The higher the community involvement, the better the group can represent our needs. Sign up today using the link below.

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