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Local Contractors

The table below presents a list of local operators, listed in alphabetical order of business name, who can provide a range of services, including management of declared pests. Please contact the business or visit their website for more information.

The Leschenault Biosecurity Group Inc. does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage suffered by any person or body relying directly or indirectly on any information contained within this contractor list.

The Leschenault Biosecurity Group does not accept any liability for any property management decisions made on the basis of the information provided. This contractor list does not constitute property management advice. The Leschenault Biosecurity Group urges you to obtain multiple quotes and take into account your particular objectives, financial situation and individual needs before proceeding with pest contractors.

Name Scope Website Phone
Alpha Pest Animal Solutions Feral vertebrate pest animals Website 0499304307
Animal Pest Management Services Feral vertebrate control/Surveys
Website 0897262537
Australind Contracting Weed Management and Revegetation Website 0419041632
Banks Pest and Weed Control Pests and Weeds N/A 0419041632
Capelife Steam Weed Control (non-chemical) Website 0422438884
Growing Towards Wellness Weed Control (including cottonbush handpulling) Website 0437594228
Indigenous Commercial Services Weed Control Website 0418865691
Mainspray Weed Control Website 0897262877
Martins Environmental Services Weed Control Website 0416159533
Natural Area Consulting Management Services Weed Control Website 0892092767
Neil Fraser Pest Weed and Vermin Weed Control and Pest Animals N/A 0428342775
Tranen Revegetation Systems Weed Management and Revegetation Website 0400165729
Vertebrate Pest Management Australia Feral vertebrate pest animals Website 0438337642

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