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Declared Pests

The following table lists common and high impact declared plants found within our operational area. A complete list of declared species can be found at: Western Australian Organism List (WAOL.

Plant Germination Rosette/Seedling Flowering Time to Spray Comments
Apple of Sodom Late Spring Winter Oct/Apr Spring/Summer Perennial
Arum Lily Late Autumn/Winter Winter Sept-Nov June-Sept Summer dormant/perennial
Blackberry Spring Summer Dec-Apr Jan-Apr Perennial
Cape Tulip (one leaf) May-July Winter Early Spring July-Aug (Depends on herbicide) NA
Cape Tulip (two leaf) May-July Winter Spring Aug-Sept Perennial (forms seeds and corms)
Cotton Bush(narrow leaf) Winter Sept-Dec NA Sept-Dec Perennial
Doublegee Autumn Autumn/Winter Winter July-Aug Winter growing annual
Paterson's Curse Autumn Winter Winter/Spring June-Aug (germination to flowering) Winter growing annual
Variegated Thistle Autumn Winter/Spring Spring July-Aug Annual

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